The following services provided by John Senczuk are available to playwrights, screen writers and other creatives seeking to develop ideas for performance; other dramaturgs are available, contacted through the Dramaturg Register.

  • Script Dramaturgy (new work: drama, music theatre)
  • Production Dramaturgy
  • Elizabethan Drama specialist (deconstruction)
  • Heritage Australian Drama specialist
  • Research; rehearsal notes; program/foyer material
  • Literary Management/Repertoire consultancy
  • Building story and plot (for drama, musical theatre & screen)
  • Analysis of ‘Story’ for screen: narrative and plot; genre and style
  • Screen: Log line, Synopsis and Treatment development
  • Screen: Creating pitching ‘Decks’
  • Musicals: scenario, book and lyrics development
  • Theatrical facilitator and influencer

John is also available to provide the following personalised services:


John has multiple commissions in both non-fiction and creative work for stage and screen; he is in demand as a commissioned writer for:

  • biography
  • memoir (ghost writer; extensive experience as aural historian)
  • history of theatrical institutions and companies

He also provides creative work for performance on commission:

  • drama; plays for young people
  • musicals and cabaret
  • screen plays

John is a scholar and pubished author in the following areas:

  • Australian Drama and Theatre History
  • History of Scenography and stagecraft in Australian
  • History of Australian Theatres (including stage technologies)
  • History of Australian Music Theatre

He also provides informative and dynamic lectures and seminars in these areas.

current projects
  • Second volume of history of Griffin theatre company; commissioned by Chris Puplick. Griffin Redux: The Ros Horin Years 1989-2003—launched December 2021
  • Third volume of history of Griffin theatre company; commissioned by Chris Puplick. Griffin Remix: 2004-2019—launched December 2021—released July 2022
  • A biography of director/designer Robin Lovejoy; commissioned by The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust
  • A biography of actress and producer Carol Raye; commissioned by her family
  • A history of the Australian Theatre for Young People; commissioned by ATYP
  • The first official biography of entrepreneur James Cassius Williamson; sanctioned by Williamson’s grandson Ian Horsley
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