Griffin Rising

Griffin Rising: The First Decade of the Griffin Theatre Company 1979-1988 – John Senczuk (2019)

‘The Griffin Theatre Company, established in Darlinghurst in 1979, has performed a vital function in Sydney’s artistic scene for four decades through its unique commitment to producing exclusively Australian plays. As John Senczuk’s insider account amply demonstrates, the Company and its iconic Stables Theatre have nurtured and sustained a plethora of emerging artists and enriched Australian cultural life.

Griffin Rising is a history of the Company’s first decade, a period of financial instability, but creative prosperity. Senczuk’s detailed account of the people, productions and politics of the Company is complemented by a wealth of illustrations that bring to life the vibrant spirit of a theatrical community. This is history firmly anchored in its time and place and accordingly draws the reader into the turbulent world of 80s theatre and inner-city Sydney.’ – NSW Premier’s History Award, Judges Comments

Hard copy book – Includes full production lists, index – 290 pages

ISBN: 978-0-6451339-0-5

NSW Premier's History Awards 2020





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