Dramaturgy Australia sets out to define the concept of dramaturgy as it relates to contemporary performance, and to clarify the role of the dramaturg and the function of dramaturgy in the Australian context. The resource also seeks to define the development of the role and function of the dramaturg in both drama and hybrid performance, but gives special emphasis to the role of dramaturgy in music theatre (opera, musicals and dance).

The site is intended as a guide, a facility, and a provocation. Regular blogs will feature interviews with working dramaturgs; articles and other items of interest to dramaturg, director, writer or theatre-goer. Dramaturgy Australia also offers a Register of practicing dramaturgs (with biographies, areas of expertise, list of credits and contact details.)

This site is conceived and authored by theatre polymath John Senczuk.

The boutique publishing enterprise Janus Imprint provides previously inaccessible Australian heritage plays (1890-1950); Australian translations of Classic European drama; and, Australian theatre history and biography.

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